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Fragrances and Flavors of the Val di Noto

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Flavors of the Val di Noto


Codarossa embodies refined cuisine and Sicilian authenticity in the heart of the Val di Noto. Here, the organic ingredients from Masseria della Volpe and local delicacies blend with the mastery of Chef Giorgio Di Rosa, offering unforgettable culinary experiences.

During spring, summer, and autumn, the restaurant also welcomes external guests, giving them the opportunity to savor exquisite dishes on the charming panoramic terrace, surrounded by ancient olive trees.

An opportunity not to be missed to immerse oneself in the essence of Sicilian beauty and taste.

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Experience the Authentic Flavors of the Val di Noto in Sicily. Codarossa Restaurant exclusively uses locally sourced ingredients and organic products grown in our orchard at the Masseria della Volpe estate